Choosing the Right Big Bore Cartridge, 350 Legend Vs. 450 Bushmaster

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In the world of big bore cartridges, two contenders have been making waves among hunters and shooters alike – the 350 Legend and the 450 Bushmaster. Both designed for specific purposes, these cartridges bring unique qualities to the table. Let’s delve into the comparison of these heavy hitters to help you make an informed decision on which one suits your needs.

350 Legend: The New Kid on the Block

The 350 Legend, introduced in 2019 by Winchester, is a relative newcomer compared to the 450 Bushmaster. Marketed as the world’s fastest straight-walled cartridge, it quickly gained attention for its excellent ballistic performance and versatility.

  1. Ballistics and Range:
  1. The 350 Legend offers flat trajectories and impressive downrange energy, making it a great choice for both short and medium-range shots.
  2. With a flatter trajectory, the 350 Legend provides an advantage for hunters in open terrain, where shots may be taken at varying distances.
  1. Recoil and Shootability:
  1. The 350 Legend is known for its mild recoil, making it more accessible for a broader range of shooters, including those sensitive to heavy recoil.
  2. The lower recoil also allows for faster follow-up shots, which can be crucial in hunting scenarios.

450 Bushmaster: The Established Powerhouse

The 450 Bushmaster, designed by Tim LeGendre of LeMag Firearms, has been around since 2008. It was specifically created to meet certain hunting regulations that required the use of straight-walled cartridges.

  1. Stopping Power:
  1. The 450 Bushmaster is renowned for its stopping power, making it a favorite among big game hunters. Its larger caliber delivers a hard-hitting punch, ensuring quick and ethical kills.
  2. It excels in close-quarters hunting scenarios and thick vegetation where a fast, powerful shot is essential.
  1. Versatility:
  1. While the 450 Bushmaster may have a shorter effective range compared to the 350 Legend, it’s well-suited for dense woods and areas where shots are often taken within 200 yards.
  2. Some hunters prefer the 450 Bushmaster for its versatility in handling various bullet weights and styles.


Choosing between the 350 Legend and the 450 Bushmaster ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a cartridge with a flatter trajectory and mild recoil, the 350 Legend might be the right choice. On the other hand, if stopping power and versatility in close-quarters hunting are your priorities, the 450 Bushmaster could be the better fit.

Both cartridges have their strengths, and advancements in technology continue to shape the landscape of firearms and ammunition. Consider factors such as intended use, hunting environment, and personal preferences when making your decision. Whether you opt for the modern appeal of the 350 Legend or the proven performance of the 450 Bushmaster, you’re sure to have a powerful big bore cartridge at your disposal.

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